I Can't Complain
Hannah Hubbard

I can't complain
I got somebody who loves me
A roof over my head
Food on the table
Two cats with me in bed
No, I can't complain
I was raised right
Made wish decisions
Had a lot of luck
Never needed no revisions
No, I can't complain
I got a good job
And I like what I'm doing
Got my friends and family
to keep me from screwing up
I, I can't explain
No matter what happens to me I know
it can't compare
Sure, I get aches and pains
but this I know for sure
Life's been nothing but fair to me
I can't complain
I've got 10 fingers
And I've got 10 toes
Not everyone's as fortunate
My mama knows
So, I can't complain
No, I can't complain
I may not be rich
I may not be famous
But I can't complain