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Valleytown is a four-piece Americana band from Northeast Ohio. The current residents of Valleytown are Jason Willis (upright bass), Christopher Doutt (mandolin/vocals), Hannah Hubbard (guitar/vocals), and Atom Lax (banjo/vocals).

Valleytown was formed in 2008 when Atom, Christopher, and Jason decided to play together again after their former band had split. In 2012, they added Hannah on guitar and vocals while Atom took some time away from the band. When Atom returned, it was decided Hannah added the touch they needed...she was a Valleytowner for good! 

In March of 2010, Valleytown released their first album, Hung Out to Dry, which met with great success regionally.

In late 2013, Jason's artistic pursuits led him in another direction, and so the band turned to Alonzo Parrish to fill in on bass. He happily accepted the offer and played with the band until early 2016. At that time, Jason's artistic pursuits brought him back in our direction, and he was able to return to the band as the full-time bassist once again.

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"One Way," the new album from Valleytown, is now available! Purchase your copy at any of our live shows, or download the album at our merch page.

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